Nulinga Cleaning has the expertise and ability to offer a range of specialized Cleaning Services, which caters for the Commercial & Industrial markets whilst specializing in offering a wide variety of services to the Film Industry. No matter what your requirements are, Nulinga Cleaning will always find a solution to your cleaning problems.

Each project is approached in a professional manner by a team of dedicated, experienced staff under supervision of a manageress with over 10x years of practical managerial experience in the cleaning industry. Nulinga Cleaning prides itself for its high standards of cleaning & hygiene, they maintain as well as ensuring that all staff work within strict Health & Safety regulations. Each job is first assessed and analyzed, after which a “before” photographic record is compiled. Where required, Risk Assessments will be done and a Safety File compiled.

You name it, we believe we can do it”

Commercial Cleaning
Whether you require a once-off “quick clean” or a more intense “deep cleaning” service, Nulinga Cleaning will achieve this to a benchmark standard, which your in-house cleaning team could easily maintain.

  • Offices
  • Pre taking occupation cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Contractual cleaning of offices on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Office kitchen facilities deep cleaning
  • Office windows
  • Bulk litter removal
  • Removal of recyclable materials
  • Cleaning and maintenance of wheelie bins and waste storage facilities
  • Stadiums and outdoor events venues
  • Placement of cleaners on site during the event for continuous litter removal as well as ongoing cleaning of ablution facilities
  • Post event litter cleanup and the bulk removal and responsible disposal of waste.
  • Post event ablution facilities cleanup
  • High Pressure wash-down of all floor surfaces and disinfection where needed.

Nulinga Cleaning has experience in the cleaning of a variety of industrial & commercial properties’ surfaces and can work in both a chilled & ambient environments.  Nulinga Cleaning also has Rope Access Cleaning staff in their cleaning teams, who are qualified to work at heights to reach those hard to get to areas, which other lifting machines cannot reach.

  • Warehouses, Factories, Distribution Centers & Cold Storage
  • Cleaning of shelves, racking & mezzanines
  • Interior beams, skylights and lighting fixtures
  • Walls & floors (we can clean all types of floors)
  • Exteriors of buildings including roofs, gutters and windows
  • Exterior premises’ general yard & forecourt cleanup
  • Placement & servicing of skips on premises

With the owners of the company being involved in the Film Industry in one way or another for more than 15 years, Nulinga Cleaning has the experience to cater specifically for each film project’s unique requirements. Whether it’s a small TV Commercial or an international blockbuster Feature Film – anything is possible. Nulinga Cleaning understands that time is of the essence with deadlines for job completion often set at “yesterday”! Even though a wide range of services is on offer, don’t hesitate to approach Nulinga Cleaning with any unusual requests.  We’ve heard it all & probably done it all and will find a way to assist you.

  • Pre-Shoot Site Prep
  • Cleaning & removal of any litter, rubble or waste material posing a Health & Safety Risk to cast & crew (including disinfecting floor & wall surfaces)
  • Interior floor & furniture protection before prep commences. This would entail the protection of wooden floors, carpets or any floor surface by covering it with a range of materials*
  • Wall corners, door corners & balustrades protected.
  • Glass panels protected where needed *(Depending on your budget & the surface which needs protection, a combination of materials such as card board, bubble wrap, cotton linen sheets, latex rubber mats or carpets may be used)
  • During the Shoot
  • A team of cleaning staff could be on standby during the shoot to assist with keeping the set clean as well as service ablution facilities.
  • Emergency call outs in the event of an incident. (If a night shoot is taking place, a stand-by team could be pre-arranged at a standby rate to be quoted).
  • Post Shoot Wrap
  • At wrap, a team could be on standby to remove all surface protection materials.
  • Removal and responsible disposal of all waste material.
  • Deep cleaning of the location. Whether the location was a modern mansion, a Victorian Heritage Building or a factory – Nulinga Cleaning is equipped to clean the venue to a suitably acceptable level, as close as possible to what it was prior to the shoot.

In addition to the above services, Nulinga Cleaning also can assist any film production with the following:

Site Establishment & the establishment of new access roads onto any location (temporary or permanent – depending on budget & requirements).  Repairs to damaged infrastructure. Breakdown, removal and responsible disposal of constructed sets at the end of a project. Waste Skips Rental (various sizes of skips)

(Competitive quotes including comprehensive job specs will be
provided following a site visit).

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